Business Coaching - Life concept
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The starting point of the work is based on establishing balance in all areas of life as a basis for the growth and development of every individual, and so on.


In order for a team or organization to function in the way of maximizing their potential, each individual inside the group plays an important role. Behind every behavior stands the intent, and behind every intent is a certain motive. If we want to awake our potentials and direct them to our own development, we need to go through all the processes of our own action and find out what’s behind all these actions.


In order to discover and liberate your own potential in the pursuite of desired business results, we use different mental approaches and techniques that are combined and adapted to each individual.

We highlight programs and workshops that are most often performed

in groups or individually :

Stress Management

Exposure to the dynamics of a job to a certain extent has an impact on the level of stress accumulated throughout the day. In order to free up the accumulated stress and learn to process every situation that creates loads in us, we created anti-stress programs that can be applied through workshops and through individual approaches.


To direct some action and to make it easier to reach the goal, and meet a certain need, it is good to know what drives us inside or outside. What drives us, what are our motivators? Through the motivation workshop we get answers to these questions, we start a wheel that leads us to achieving our potential and desired results.

Team or Team Leadership, Group Synergy

Every individual has their own identity, so each group that consists of a certain number of individuals forms their own identity. The aim of the workshop is to recognize the different abilities and values of individuals within the group, and to put their diversity into the function of advantage and achievement of common results. See what are the processes and dynamics within each group, and what is the role of each individual in it.

Conflict management

What is a conflict, what is its starting point? Throught the workshop, we strive to see the true nature of the conflict, where it comes from and what is its purpose. What potential behavior can we choose in which would feel satisfied, and people around us accepted, in the direction of increasing productivity?

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Everyday we use verbal and nonverbal communication to express something intentionally or unintentionally. What are we saying when we say nothing? And what do we say when we talk a lot? Let's find out what's behind communication, which are the communication channels we are using. We will learn to convey the message so that the interlocutor experiences what we really want to say, and all the messages that come to us are perceived through the meaning of what the person really is talking about, not what we are saying. Verbal and nonverbal communication because of the extensiveness of the subject is performed and through a seminar and through workshops.

Sales Techniques

Skills and techniques of sales negotiation and conclusion of sales process are the foundation of each sales process. The sales technique seminar is intended for anyone who wants to refresh, refine their sales skills to improve sales conversations and achieve the desired results.

Teambuilding, events and other

Every form of socializing represents an opportunity to develop social and emotional skills, and to meet certain social needs through different expectations. If you want your friends to have a goal, where each participant gets richer for that sense of pleasure because it was part of your environment, we can go along with the ideal concept of your event or teambuliding to fulfill your purpose in accordance with your corporate values.


If you do not have a marketing department or an existing team needs support, we offer solutions for you!

Business Coaching

In order for a team or organization to function in the way of maximizing their potential, each individual inside the group plays an important role. Behind every behavior stands the intent, and behind every intent is a certain motive.

Life Coaching

The client is undergoing the steps of conscience and awareness, establishing integrity with himself. We come to reveal our own potential and motivation, and set goals in all areas of life.