Početna - Life concept
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If you do not have a marketing department or an existing team needs support, we offer solutions for you!

Business Coaching

In order for a team or organization to function in the way of maximizing their potential, each individual inside the group plays an important role.

Life Coaching

With the will for change and progress, and certain personal efforts to achieve the state of peace, satisfaction, feeling of deep fulfillment and happiness!

Life Concept

offers marketing, personal and business development services. The services we offer aim to increase productivity through a tailored approach to the real needs of the indivudual and the organization.


The experience gained in marketing is transmitted to our business partners through an open and encouraging relationship with the aim of long-term cooperation. From a marketing segment, we jointly analyze the required marketing activities, depending on what you want to engage.


Through various programs, individuals and organizations and are offered personal and business development, which are based on a holistic approach to achieving the goals set. By establishing a balance in all areas of life,  we create a unique life concept and thus working on the environment.


The life concept that is the creation of our free choices, what we really are. To get to our free choices, we need to get rid of the established beliefs and expectations and find the way to ourselves.


All of our experiences and events generated from the earliest age are stored at a subconscious level and affect the creation of our patterns of behavior and habit. Every change we make to make it permanent is changed in the cause of the cause and not in the consequences.


Our vision is that every person through personal achievement and well being in all areas of life contributes to creating better environment than yesterday! 

Our mission is to encourage individuals and organizations to achieve their goals and well being in private and business field!


We believe in ourselves, we support free choice, we encourage diversity!

Natalija Stanić

Master of Business Economics with work experience in marketing, communication and personal and business development.

NLP Master, certified by EANLP (European Association for NLP), HANLP (Croatian Association for NLP)

NLP Practitioner, certified by EANLP, HANLP

Personal Development Trainer and Teacher in All Level Healing Methods

Educated from various areas of personal and business development, integrating approach works and works with individuals and groups.